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WBG Associates - Member of Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome affiliate marketing programs of WBG(world Business Groups)Investment Program. The WBG Associates Program provide the opportunity to each and everyone to utilize your business or professional network to convert into business or earning with simply introduce WBG excellent investment program to grow together.

Benefit of WBG Associate/WBG Affiliate

Immediate Benefit
Whenever your reference will invest with us both will become our partner and you will be get immediate referral commission 5% on actual investment will be immediate credit in your account and 3% on post partnership means total 8% you are going to earn from every referral investment.
Post Partnership
3% on actual invested amount will be deposit to company under your account for particular project as a partnership program and you will receive certificate of referral partnership investment program and you will also become investment partner of 3% amount which you can enjoy long term business profit.

Simple 3 Steps