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NTT Groups Share/Pre-IPO Share

10% share on sale as global communities shareholder and participation with NTT Groups to get and enjoy Pre-IPO Share

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Looking shareholder who can buy share in our Indian company share since we are on the way to IPO called as Pre-IPO

We NTT Groups is 30 years old entities started from India & now having 22 countries presence either direct or indirect means along with local partner and under groups having 12 companies in different domain.

NTT Groups presently having minimum 10 iconic projects/products with very excellent profit or return as well as company restructure and planning to file for IPO but we decided to raise some fund before IPO called as Pre-IPO share and fundraising for company projects/products developments.

we are looking Pre-IPO shareholder globally and request to join hands to make success and grow together.

NTT Groups worth going to minimum $ 3 billion with 5-6 years timeline on the basis of projects and products valuation along with company return valuation.

As per corporate expert and consultant present valuation of company along with products with concept value should be $30 million and we decided to sale 10% share as Pre-IPO.

Therefore, we consider total company share = 30 million share @ $1.00 (each share considering $1.00)

At present 10% saleable share or we are selling 10% share of company @$1.00 means 3 million share =$3 million

NTT groups are considering your participation in our dream projects & business journey as partners and we are inviting from world communities to join hands to make success and grow together.

This is appeal from us to every individuals throughout the world, please participate with us to make success our dream.

Our initial Pre-IPO share only 3 million accessible for global communities and you can buy as per your convenient budget but minimum one share = $1.00

you can invest from $ 1.00 to $ 0.2 million only on one account or one passport means we are not expecting big investors or shareholder from global communities share  but if any big investor wish to invest more than global communities share please communicate from WBG board office directly and get 10000% profit(Read more details with predefine conditions)

This is appeal from us to every individuals or corporate throughout the world, please invest on our dream to make success.

We are highly appreciate and thankful to you for this act of kindness.

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